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The meeting took place at the headquarters of the General Administration on 06/26/2022 between His Excellency the General Director, Eng. Imad Al-Tarawneh, and the delegation of the Islamic Development Bank, and in the presence of Mr. Malik Barizat, Head of the Arab and Islamic Relations Department, and they were welcomed in their second country, Jordan. The objective of this meeting is to evaluate the emergency food security and development project in contributing to the financing of the emergency food security project, which amounts to (485) million dollars.
Atoufa, the General Manager, explained during the meeting the importance of the role played by the Jordanian Silos Company in maintaining the strategic stockpile of wheat and barley imported by the ministry, and its role in strengthening the strategic food stock system, and that as part of the company’s strategic plan, it will expand the silos of the North Complex, similar to the expansion of the silos of Juwaideh Complex and Silos of the Aqaba complex, bringing the total capacity of the silos of the North Complex to 250 thousand tons.
Al-Atfa quickly introduced the company as it engages in the business of storing wheat and barley, selling flour and renting dry and cold warehouses, in addition to managing, operating and maintaining silos, mills and warehouses. The company has four compounds located in Juwaida, Rusaifa, North and Aqaba.
Within these complexes, there are silos for storing wheat and barley with a maximum cumulative capacity of (233,600,000) tons per year, and sixteen warehouses for dry materials with a total storage capacity of (16,019,850) square meters. Twenty-two cold storage rooms with a total storage capacity of (4,197,500) tons per year, in addition to the mill, which is located within the campus of Al Juwaideh complex, and has a production capacity of (400) tons per day.
Through these complexes and the mill, the company provides the following services: 1. Unloading ships loaded with grain (with wheat and barley), the main cargo of which is returned to the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply and the private sector, using modern unloading devices with a capacity of 1600 tons / hour. 2. Storing grains (wheat and barley) in silos, while maintaining their safety and suitability for human and animal consumption. 3. Lease of refrigerated and dry warehouses for the public and private sectors. 4. Discoloration of barley. 5. Production and sale of all kinds of flour.


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