Memorandum of Understanding with Al-Balqa Applied University


On Tuesday, 24/8/2021, the Jordanian General Company for Silos concluded a memorandum of understanding with Al-Balqa Applied University, with the aim of exchanging research and scientific experiences, to ensure the provision of a safe strategic stock of wheat and barley within the highest specifications. The memorandum, which was signed on behalf of the university by its vice president, Prof. Dr. Gandhi Anfoqa, and the company's general manager, Eng. Imad Al-Tarawneh, stipulated the importance of building a real partnership between the two parties, which includes training some students in the company's fields of work, and conducting studies and scientific research related to the safety of grains, storage, testing and development. It also stipulated the need for both parties to benefit from each other's laboratories, and to provide the opportunity to hold joint workshops and brainstorming meetings that contribute to achieving the desired goal of social responsibility towards each party, as well as the possibility of finding investment opportunities that would enable both parties to achieve their institutional goals. Prof. Dr. Gandhi Anfuqa confirmed the readiness of Al-Balqa Applied University to provide all knowledge, scientific and research services in all fields, welcoming this cooperation in the fields of grain and food, due to their importance in bringing Jordan to the stage of self-sufficiency with the efforts of its sons, researchers and specialists. In turn, Al-Tarawneh expressed his happiness to cooperate with the university, as it is a stock of knowledge and research, which the company hopes to develop its work in the field of cereals based on research and studies related to this matter. 

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