Aqaba Complex

Complex Name:  Aqaba Complex

Complex Description:

Aqaba complex includes the following facilities:-
  1. Silos with a capacity of 200 thousand tons and (2) grain dischargers with a capacity of (1600) tons / hour located within the campus of the new southern port, where a third unloading and loading device is currently being installed with a capacity of (850) tons / hour and is expected to be ready in the first quarter of 2023, according to the terms of the contract and the agreement.
  2. Refrigerators and hangers located north of Aqaba city with a storage capacity as follows:
    • Freezers capacity of 1500 tons.
    • Two (2) 10,000-ton hangers.
In addition to the many facilities that serve the complex.








Refrigerators available



Hacks Available